Terms & Conditions

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The Grievance Officer shall acknowledge a client's complaint within 48 (forty-eight) hours of the customer filing it by email or phone through the designated methods.
To follow the progress of their complaint, each consumer who has lodged a complaint with the Grievance Officer will be given a special ticket ID.

After receiving a complaint, the Grievance Officer will use all reasonable efforts to promptly address and resolve the customer's issues, usually within 14 days.
In any of the following situations, a grievance will be deemed resolved and closed.

  1. When the customer has indicated that they accept the Grievance Officer's or any other corporate representative's response
  2. When the client doesn't respond to the Grievance Officer's or any Company official's response after 30 days
  3. Upon the customer's agreement or lack thereof, to the settlement offered by Westsite Marketing Pvt. Ltd. within 14 days
  4. You can contact our Customer Care, who will reply within 7 (seven) working days, if your issue is not resolved after elevating it to our Grievance Officer and the Grievance Officer's time window for resolution has passed.